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Welcome to Creativity 777

Ann TraulsenI am in the process of opening a portal to a cyberspace universe of infinitely expanding and diverse business opportunities to benefit both companies and individuals which will result in the overall betterment of mankind and planet earth.

We are currently poised for a BIG BANG in cyberspace which will cause the formation of infinitely expanding cyberspace galaxies containing self-sustaining spheres of information in every conceivable field of thought interconnected to one another.

Every sphere provides input of intelligence worldwide and this allows for limitless opportunities through creative utilization of the information contained within each sphere.

The new world order will succeed based on the following algebreic equation: S.O.S. — Spirituality + Opportunity = Success


Hugh E. Traulsen
Hugh – “the heartbeat of America”
www.creativity.com – unlimited creativity

P.S. Here is a poem that I wrote dedicated to my wife Ann:

Caring / Sharing

If you dare to care, then share !
If you share, pay heed !!
God will reward every good deed !!!